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Tests & Measures

 Accessing full instruments can be a challenge. Many published tests require purchasing the test directly from the publisher; some tests or assessments even require certification for administration.

First, see APA's guidance for more details.

Next, Use the following strategies to begin to determine whether you can access a test or measure.

The easiest way to find a test or measure may be to pay attention to what other researchers are using as you read more about your research topic.

If You Know the Name of a Test...

If you know the name of a test, you can search for the test in the resources below. Read the descriptions of each resource carefully to find out whether or how the full-text may be found. 

Test-Specific Databases & Websites

Disciplinary & Other Databases

Finding a Test or Measure on a Topic...


If you need to find a test or measure on a specific topic, one of the easiest ways is to pay attention to the measures used in the literature. If they are included, tests and measures are usually found in an article or dissertation's appendix. If not, follow the citation for the measure using the in-text citation and reference list.

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Start with PsycINFO (linked above) or another database linked on the appropriate Psychology subject guide.

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