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Albert S. Cook Library

Rayyan Systematic Review Screening Software

Title/Abstract Screening

The first step in the screening process is the Title/Abstract screen. This is based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria that you set in your protocol or prior to beginning the review. At this point you may exclude based solely on the on the title and abstract.

  • For yes, choose "Include"
  • For no, choose "Exclude"
  • If you cannot tell from the title and abstract alone, select "Maybe"



If multiple collaborators are working on the project, you will have the option to turn blind on which means that no one can see how others have voted. Only the review owner can turn off blinding at the appropriate time.



On the left side menu, you will have the option to set keywords for inclusion and exclusion (to be highlighted in green and red, respectively) and then to turn highlights on.

Add Notes

Add Notes

You may choose to add notes during the screening process by selecting "Add Notes."

Full Text Screening

After Title/Abstract screening, you may choose to export the included and undecided results and manage them independently outside of Rayyan QCRI. However, you also have the option to upload PDFs to each record in Rayyan QCRI.

Uploading PDFs

Choose "Upload PDF full-texts" and select public or private.

  • Upload as public: All users can see the PDF full-texts if they have the same articles in other reviews.
  • Upload as private: Only users having access to this review can see the PDF full-texts.

Make sure you don't upload copyrighted files as public, as this may be a copyright infringement on proprietary content.

Exclude for Reasons


When you choose to exclude a record, you should choose a reason. You can set those reasons in Rayyan so that they are easier to select.