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APSA Style

Learn to cite sources in American Political Science Association (APSA) style.

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Journal Articles

Full Text Article Available through an Electronic Database or on the Web

Korzi, Michael J.  2004.  “The President and the Public: Inaugural Addresses in American History.” Congress & the Presidency 31 (Spring): 21-52. MasterFILE Premier (Accessed June 18, 2014).

*Note: For articles found in a library database, use the database name and access date at the end of the reference. For those accessible on the web, use the full URL and access date at the end of the reference.

Journal Article in Print

Culpan, Oya, and Toni Marzotto. 1982. “Changing Attitudes Toward Work and Marriage: Turkey in Transition.” Signs 8 (Winter): 337-51.

Magazine Article

Adler, Jerry, Debra Rosenberg, T. Trent Gegax, Pat Wingert, Daren Briscoe, Hilary Shenfeld, Kiyoshi Martinez, Dirk Johnson, Jamie Reno, and Andrew Horesh. 2005. “Children of the Fallen.” Newsweek, March 21, 26-31.

Newspaper Article

Fruchtman, Jack, Jr. “Supreme Court Will Back Fla. Court,” Baltimore Sun, 30 November 2000, final edition, sec. A, 25.

Book Review

McCartney, Alison Millett. 2004. “Book Reviews.” Rev. of German Policy-Making and Eastern Enlargement of the EU During the Kohl Era: Managing the Agenda? Debatte: Review of Contemporary German Affairs 12 (May): 98-99.