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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Guides & Tools

Program Planning Phase

Community Engagement: Survey to discover what resources are needed locally and broadly.

Call For Proposals Phase

Community Engagement: Communicate the opportunity broadly and through many channels.

Author Consultation Phase I

Community Engagement: Start a conversation about the possibility of engaging students and colleagues in OER creation.

Selection Phase

  • Outline of requirements - project criteria, what we want authors to provide

  • Selection committee - who’s on it and what to ask of them

Author Consultation Phase II

Community Engagement: Consider asking authors to select colleagues to peer review the OER.

  • Email templates of what was covered in-person conversations. 

  • Consider a detailed checklist or project management system

  • Ensure understanding of open licenses and implications

  • Style guides 

  • Faculty author FAQs

Contract Phase

Author Consultation Phase III

Writing Phase

  • Regularly check-in with authors, as often as weekly, and at least every six weeks

  • Ask author to provide early sample chapter to confirm license compliance, style guide usage, and otherwise provide feedback

Production Phase

Publication Phase

Community Engagement: Create a way for adopters to self-identify and connect with authors.

Maintenance Phase

Community Engagement: Look to see if adopters have created ancillary resources to accompany the OER.

  • Create form or other method for tracking adoption and submitting errata


 By Open Education Network. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.