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Albert S. Cook Library

TU Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Knowledge Base

A knowledge base of resources relating to diversity, inclusion, and equity. Designed to be used by Towson Universities faculty, staff and students alike.

How To Use this Guide: Students, Faculty, Staff, and Scholar-Practicioners

This knowledge base can be navigated through in three ways dependent on what your specific resource needs are. Please read below before beginning to search through the knowledge base. Doing this will ensure you find the resources best suited to your needs. 

Search by Keyword

  • Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search all of the knowledge bases resources.
    • Search for resources based on keywords that are associated with the content you are looking for. Some examples of these keywords, or tags, that one may search for would be inclusive teaching, white privilege, LGBTQ+, African American, and so forth. 

Search by Specific Topic

  • Click on the second of the main four tabs to your left, titled "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity". This will display numerous sub-pages with titles such as inclusive leadership, allyship and advocacy, or hot topics in diversity, inclusion and equity.
  • Click on whichever topic is most associated with what you are looking for and the sub-page will display all of the database's content relating to this topic. 

Search by College and/or Division

  • Click on either the third or fourth of the main four tabs to the left.
    • By clicking on the third tab, titled "Colleges", numerous sub-pages will be displayed that include all of the college at Towson University.
    • By clicking on the fourth tab, titled "Divisions", numerous sub-pages will be displayed that include all of the divisions at Towson University.
  • Clicking on the sub-pages in either tab will display the resources within the database that relate the most to each college and/or division at Towson University.