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History of Student Activism at TU

This resource guide is an accumulation of various resources that can be used as a jumping off point for anyone interested in studying student activism at TU.

Black Students at TU

  • Monroe, Bettina V. 1961. “Agitation Necessary Before Integration.” Tower Light, November 17, 1961. (page 2)
    • In this letter to the Tower Light editor, a Black woman student named Bettina Monroe argued that social agitation, such as sit-ins and freedom rides, was necessary to drive change in society.
  • Sigur, Morgan. “Black Representation on Campus.” MDSOAR, December 2017. 
    • In this Towson Seminar paper, Morgan Sigur examines how Black students at Towson State sought to organize and express themselves through the formation of the Black Student Union.
  • Winston, Jiana. “Black Women: The Forgotten Trailblazers.” MDSOAR, May 2018.
    • In an effort to illuminate the plight of Black women during the contemporaneous civil rights and women’s rights movements, Jiana Winston explores how Black women at Towson State navigated this moment in history and engaged in these social movements on campus.