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Albert S. Cook Library

Indigenous Research


This guide is intended to offer support and a starting point for Indigenous scholars, students, staff, community members, and anyone looking to learn about the history and contemporary presence of Indigenous Peoples in Maryland. 

The field of Indigenous studies is an important and relevant subject that has historically not been given due respect or attention. For centuries, the lived experience, history, knowledge, and contributions of Native individuals and communities have been not only ignored but systematically oppressed. Albert S. Cook Library has failed to acknowledge and safeguard the knowledge passed down among Indigenous members of our community, and has done active harm through omission and misrepresentation. There is a pressing need for more recognition of Indigenous perspectives, and for Native voices and knowledge to be uplifted, protected, and celebrated. 

The resources collected in this guide are meant to offer a starting point for further inquiry and research. This guide is not comprehensive and cannot highlight all the amazing work being done in the field of Indigenous studies, but we have attempted to curate a set of resources that will assist those engaged in research or just starting out on their journey to learn about Indigenous history and perspectives. 


This guide has been put together by Cook Library’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Committee. While our membership changes year to year, our members are pulled from the staff and faculty of Cook Library, which like many academic libraries is predominantly white and female. We recognize that our positionality may color our approach to curating these resources and how we interact and understand them. Wherever possible, we have attempted to highlight resources from Indigenous individuals and organizations. 


We recognize that developments in our understanding of Indigenous topics are always evolving. If you have comments or concerns, or would like to suggest an addition to the guide, please reach out to