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Sources & strategies for company research

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Pro Tips

Some things to keep in mind as you start research on your company...  

  • Is your company public or private?
    • Public companies sell stock to the public.
      For example, all the companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange are public.
    • Many databases allow you to search using a public company’s stock ticker symbol.
      (Example: Under Armour’s ticker symbol is UA.)
    • Public companies are required to file financial information with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). 10-K’s and 10-Q’s are examples.
    • Public companies also have to provide investors with an Annual Report (sometimes the 10-K serves as the Annual Report; sometimes it is a separate document).
    • You will find more financial information for a public company than for a private one, and often, more news coverage of the company too.
    • For a private and/or smaller company, try searching the hometown newspaper for coverage.
  • Ask for help if you don’t find enough info: Email the Business Librarian or Ask a Librarian